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Species / Ectinochilus Misrensis


Original description of Ectinochilus (Ectinochilus) misrensis by Abbass, 1967:

  • "Shell small, fusiform; spire acute, turretedly conical, consisting of 4-5 low whorls with straight or feebly convex outline; suture superficial sublinear; ornament shows 16-18 ortho- or slightly opisthocline thin axial ridges separated by interspaces 2-3 times wider than their own width; axials on one whorl not corresponding in position to those on adjacent whorls; last whorl constitutes about shell height, more inflated posteriorly, becoming straight and inclined anteriorly; aperture oval, with smooth inner lips; outer lip thick with 2 anterior sinuses; inner lip callous, reflected over preceding whorl; posterior edges of outer inner lips extend posteriorly over spire, enclosing narrow, straight posterior canal; anterior canal short; posterior half of body whorl crossed by axial ridges of same nature as those on spire; axials become obsolete on anterior of beak and replaced by numerous spirals separated by interspaces narrower than their own width."

Stratum typicum: Bartonian, middle Eocene

Locus typicus: Qasr El-Sagha, Fayium, Egypt

Dimensions: Spire angle 40, height 14 mm, whorl height 6 mm, whorl width 33 mm


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