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Species / Ectinochilus Texanum


Original description of Rimella texana by Harris, 1895, p. 78:

  • "whorls 11 ; 1 exceedingly small, smooth; 2, 3, 4, 5 smooth and polished; 6, 7 faintly and finely cancellated; 8 with small longitudinal plicae crossed by minute spiral striae; 9, 10 more strongly plicate longitudinally, plicae most strongly developed midway of the whorls; body whorl plicate superiorly though not immediately below the suture; spiral striae very fine over the plicae but coarse above and very coarse below; outer lip acute below, thick and reflected above, medially forming a right angle; inner lip well defined, uniting with the outer above and forming a canal that passes up the spire rather more than half-way to the apex, recurving descends the width of a whorl or two; columella long and pointed, deflected backward."

Stratum typicum: lower Claiborne, Lutetian, middle Eocene

Locus typicus

  • "Localities:
  • Colorado River, Devil's Eye, Bastrop County, Texas, USA
  • Brazos River, about one mile below the Milam-Burleson County Line, Texas, USA
  • Mosley's Ferry (Singley's collection); Collier's Ferry, Burleson County, Texas, USA (Harris, 1895:78)

pl. IX, fig. 1,2

Rimella texana (Harris, 1895); "black shoals", Eocene; Brazos River, Burleston County, Texas, USA; t: 20,5 mm, bl: 19,45 mm, br: 32,25 mm; Ex-coll. C.W. Johnson; Coll. ANSP no. 7136; Photo Ron Voskuil

Harris described also a variety of Rimella texana.

Original description of Rimella texana var. plana by Harris, 1895:

  • "In this form, which is probably only a variety of the foregoing the posterior canal extends nearly or quite to the apex of the spire, and recurving descends to near the body whorl. The only ornamentation is the spiral striation at the base of the body whorl, and sometimes faint costae near the apex."

Stratum typicum: lower Claiborne, Lutetian, middle Eocene

  • "Localities:
  • Two miles east of Alto, Cherokee County, Texas, USA
  • near McBee School-house, Cherokee County, Texas, USA
  • Sulphur Springs, Rusk County, Texas, USA
  • Robbins' well, Houston County, Texas, USA (Harris, 1895:79)

Rimella texana var. plana (Harris, 1895); Eocene; Berryman's Place, 3 miles NE of Alto, Cherokee County, Texas, USA; Ex-coll. C.W.Johnson; Coll. ANSP. no. 9721; Photo Ron Voskuil

  • Comment: Rimella texana var. plana might be a Semiterebellum sp.

History and Synonymy


Garvie, 2013, Abstract:

  • "... One new subspecies of gastropod is proposed from the Cook Mountain Formation: Ectinochilus (Cowlitzia) texanum stephensoni, and one new species from the Weches Formation: Phalium (Semicassis) marcusi. In addition, Ectinochilus texanum (Harris, 1895) is placed under the subgenus Cowlitzia as Ectinochilus (Cowlitzia) texanum texanum.

Specimens from institutional collections

Ectinochilus planum (Beyrich, 1854); lower Claiborne beds, Eocene; Smithville, Bastrop County, Texas, USA; 21 mm; Coll. BM(NH) no. GG.11379; Copyright BM(NH)

Specimens from private collections

Ectinochilus texanus (Harris, 1895); Stone City Formation, Claibornian, middle Eocene; Burleson County, Texas, USA; 16mm; Coll. Philippe Simonet

Ectinochilus texanus (Harris, 1895); Stone City Formation, Claibornian, middle Eocene; Burleson County, Texas, USA; 16mm; Coll. Philippe Simonet


  • C.L. Garvie, 2013. Additions to the Molluscan Macrofauna of the Reklaw Formation (Eocene: lower Claibornian) and Two New Taxa from the middle Claibornian in Texas. Bulletins of American paleontology no. 385, p. 131161
  • G.D. Harris (1895) - New and otherwise interesting Tertiary Mollusca from Texas; Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 47(3):45-88, pls. 1-9, Fulltext

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