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Species / Laevella


  • Rimellidae
    • Laevella Palmer in Richards & Palmer, 1953

Original Description of the genus Laevella by Palmer, 1953, p. 24:

  • "Shell medium in size; spire moderate; canal short, wide with a slight but definite notch bounded anteriorly by a thick margin; outer lip expanded, flaring and thickened; aperture narrow; posterior canal cuts obliquely and deeply across the thickened labrum; posterior canal extend narrowly but completely over the apex and down over the spire to the suture of the body whorl; shell smooth except for two or three sharp line just over the anterior canal; on one adult shell obsolete longitudinal folds may be discerned over the body whorl."


Comment Palmer, 1953, p. 24:

  • "The complete smoothness of the shell, the abbreviated but wide canal with slight notch and pointed margin of it, the wide calloused labrum, obliquely cut posterior canal characterize this genus as different from any rimellid o far known. It appears to be allied nearest to Ectinochilus canalis (Lamarck) type species of Ectinochilus Cossmann, 1889, but there are too many critical differences with that genus to include the Florida species in it. Laevella is like Ectinochilus in the abbreviated canal, but it does not have the two notches in the canal margin as in that genus. The spire is shorter in Laevella, the labrum is more extended and the surface is smooth."


  • H. G. Richards and K.V.W. Palmer. 1953. Eocene Mollusks from Citrus and Levy Counties, Florida. Florida Geological Survey Geological Bulletin 35: i-iii, 1-95, Fulltext
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