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Species / Neocolombellina

Stromboidea ?

Original Diagnosis of Neocolombellina by Bandel & Dockery, 2012:

  • "The genus is based on Neocolombellina cancellata (DOCKERY, 1993) that has a coarsely sculptured shell with ornament of rectangles and its aperture with the outer lip denticulate, the inner lip with three folds and with short anterior canal. The protoconch of this species is dome shaped and about 1 mm high and wide. The embryonic whorl is about 0.18 mm wide and ornamented by tubercles. The first larval whorl is ornamented by fine spiral ribs with dots between them. Transition from the larval shell is not abrupt even though its aperture has a basal projection. Neocolombellina americana (WADE, 1926) as in SOHL (1960: pl. 14, figs 13, 67) (as Colombellina) closely resembles Neocolombellina cancellata as in DOCKERY (1993: pl. 16, fig. 10). Neocolombellina cancellata may perhaps be conspecific with Neocolombellina americana and represent an immature shell with less expanded outer lip."



  • K. Bandel & D.T. Dockery III, 2012. Protoconch characters of Late Cretaceous Latrogastropoda (Neogastropoda and Neomesogastropoda) as an aid in the reconstruction of the phylogeny of the Neogastropoda, Freiberger Forschungshefte, C542, psf (20), 93128.
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