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Species / Orthaulax Carolinae

Orthaulax Carolinae


Original Description of Veatchia carolinae by Maury, 1912, p. 90:

  • Shell when complete rather large, thick and heavy, spire short, obtusely pointed, whorls completely concealed, all the upper portion of the shell being self-enrolled by the posterior prolongation of the last volution, which is wrapped about the spire like a mantle; characters of the columella and anterior canal not known; posterior canal described above under the subgenus."

Locus typicus: Bed no. 2, Soldado Rock, near the Serpent's Mouth, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

Stratum typicum: Midway Eocene. Equivalent to the Midway of Alabama and that of the Rio Maria Farinha beds, State of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Dimensions: Height of fragment 27, greatest width 28, greatest thickness 21 mm.

Rostellaria (Veatchia) carolinae Maury, 1912, pl. XII, fig. 14-16

Comment Wieneke: This looks more like a Calyptraphorus

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