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Species / Pugnellus Waiparensis
  • Pugnellus waiparensis Trechman, 1917

Original description of Pugnellus waiparensis by Trechman, 1917:

  • "The spire is moderately elevated and the shell consists of six whorls. The shell is almost completely overgrown up to the summit of the spire with a platy extension of the lip, and only when this is broken away is the spire visible and the nodes and ornamentation of the whorls seen. The earlier whorls are decorated with folds which develop into elevated and rather sharp nodes. These are placed in a diagonal position on the shell rather above the suture on the penultimate whorl, and are faintly visible on the body-whorl where they occur above the median line. Below these nodes on the last whorl there is a blunt faintly raised ridge. A series of fine, rather wavy, spiral, raised lines occur on the penultimate whorl und are faintly seen on the body-whorl below the ridge. They run somewhat irregularly and are not exactly parallel to one another, but approach and recede again, a peculiarity already noticed by Wilckens in the case of Pugnellus hauthali which he describes from South Patagonia. The anterior channel of the lip is not produced, and the outer margin of the lip is not swollen to an unusual extent for a Pugnellus. This shell approaches P. hauthali in having the spire completely covered with a leafy shell growth and in the diagonal arrangement of the elongated and sharp nodes and in the curious non-parallel arrangement of the spiral lines. It differs in the spire being more elevated and the anterior channel not being elongated and the outer lip being less swollen and extended."

Locus typicus: Waipara Gorge, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand

Stratum typicum: Upper Cretaceous

Pugnellus waiparensis in Trechman, 1917, pl. XX, fig. 1a, 1b

Pugnellus australis Marshall, 1916; Maastrichtian?, Cretaceous; Wangaloa, Otago, South Island, New Zealand; 42 mm; Coll. BM(NH), No. G.27421; Copyright BM(NH)


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