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Species / Rimella Henrywoodsi

Rimella Henrywoodsi

  • Rimella henrywoodsi Pilsbry, 1944

Original Description of Rimella henrywoodsi by Pilsbry, 1944, p. 140:

  • "A species somewhat stouter in figure and more rapidly tapering than R. fissurella (Lam.), having sculpture of close, slightly curved, rounded axial ribs, about equal to their intervals and crossed by fine spiral striae; on the last whorl the ribs become subobsolete, and are wanting below the periphery, where there are some spiral striae coarser than elsewhere. The whorls of the spire bear varices much larger than the ribs, two on each whorl. On the spire these varices, from whorl to whorl, form retractively descending series on the right and left sides. The aperture has a well-expanded lip, the form of which is uncertain; above it forms, together with the inner lip, a long rounded ridge which ascends the spire obliquely backward to the anterior part of the fourth-from-the-last whorl, where it forms a loop, recurving and descending to the middle of the antepenultimate whorl."

Dimensions: Lenght 25,5 mm., diameter 14 mm.; 5 1/2 whorls remaining, both ends being broken.

Locus typicus: Sarayaquillo River, Station 38, (collection no. 30), Peru

Type: 4588 A.N.S.P.


  • Pilsbry, Henry, 1944. Molluscan Fossils from the Rio Pachitea and Vicinity in Eastern Peru. Proceedings of The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Vol. XCVI, 1944, 137-154, pls. 9-11

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