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Species / Rostellaria Brongniartianus

Rostellaria Brongniartianus

  • Rostellaria brongniartianus Risso, 1826

Rostellaria brongniartianus is treated as synonym of Aporrhais uttingeriana (Risso, 1826)

Original Description of Rostellaria brongniartianus by Risso, 1826, p.226:

  • "592. R. Brongniartianus (n.) R. de Brongniart. R. Testa glabra, nitida; anfractubus septem, omnibus lineis longitudinalibus aequalibus aequidistantibus impressis, et linea una centrali in basilaribus tribus mamillatis, in posterioribus simplicibus."
  • "Coq. lisse, luisante; à sept tours de spire imprimés de lignes égales, longitudinales, également distantes, et d'une ligne centrale; les trois tours inferieurs mamelonnés, les posterieurs simples. Long. o,o2o. Séj. Fossile à la Trinité.

Locus typicus: St. Trinité, Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France

The Type material is presumably lost (fide Arnaud, 1977)

Rostellaria brongniartianus Risso, 1826, fig. 94


  • In a manuscript by P.Gény (MNHN Paris: Ms 2052, pl. 1) a picture of Rostellaria brongniartii of Risso is shown, which is not identical with Risso's original drawing from 1826 as shown above. A similar shell as the above is named in the Gény manuscript as Rostellaria uttingerian. (Manganelli et al., 2008; Arnaud, 1977)

Original comment of Pacaud, 2007:

  • Le catalogue de la collection d’Orbigny ne mentionne aucun spécimen pour cette espèce. Syntype(s) non retrouvé(s) dans la collection d’Orbigny. Jung (1974 : 45) considère cette espèce comme un nomen dubium.

History and Synonymy


Sacco, 1893 placed Rostellaria bronginiartianus as variation of Aporrhais uttingeriana:

  • Chenopus uttingerianus var. brongniartiana Risso, 1826

Specimens from institutional collections

Rostellaria pespelecani (linnaeus, 1758); St. Trinité, Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, France; Coll. NHMW no. 1854/IV/13

Chenopus brongniarti Risso, 1826; Roussillon ?, France; Coll. NHMW no. 1856/29/51


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