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Species / Rostellaria Curta
  • Rostellaria curta Whitfield, 1892

Description of Rostellaria curta Whitfield, 1892 in Weller, 1907:

  • "Shell small and comparatively short for a species of the genus; spire short, the apical angle being about 45 in some specimens, and in other individuals rather less; volutions convex, four or five in number, only four in the casts ; sutures deeply marked, indicating a comparatively thick shell ; body volution large, half as long as the entire length of the cast, or sometimes three-fifths of the entire length; base of the body volution extended in front; aperture equaling one-half the length of the cast; elongate elliptical in outline, acute at the upper angle and the margin extending above the line of the suture where the lip has extended upon the preceding volution; lower margin of the aperture prolonged and narrow; outer margin more convex than the inner; columellar cavity rather large, indicating a strong and thickened columella, which has been smooth and without any indications of folds or markings; surface of the volutions marked by distant but not very strong vertical folds, which are only seen on the internal cast upon careful examination ; surface of the shell and features of the lip and posterior canal unknown."

Localities: Crosswicks Creek, New Jersey, USA

Stratigraphy: Navesink Formation (Navesink marl), Maastrichtian, Upper Cretaceous

Rostellaria curta in Weller, 1907, pl. LXXXIII, fig 9 - 13

Comment Stoutjesdijk:

  • Rostellaria curta Whitfield, 1892 is a homonym of Rostellaria curta Sowerby II, 1842


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