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Species / Rostellaria Securifera

Rostellaria Securifera

  • Rostellaria securifera Forbes, 1846

Original Description of Rostellaria securifera by Forbes, 1846, p. 128:

  • "R. testa laevi, spira conica, anfractibus rotundatis, carinatis, labro externo longe producto, carinato, bihamato (hamis obtusis?)."

Locus typicus: Pondicherry, India

Specimens from institutional collections

Anchura securifera Forbes, 1846; Turonian; Garudamangalam, India; Coll. GPIH



  • Forbes, E. 1846. Report on the fossil invertebrata from southern India, collected by Mr. Kaye and Mr. Cunliffe. Transactions of the Geological Society of London, Second Series, 7(3): 85-174, pls. 7-19 (Google)

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