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Species / Semifusus Natalensis

Semifusus Natalensis

  • Semifusus (Mayeria) natalensis Rennie, 1930

might belong to Spinigeropsis

Original Desription of Semifusus (Mayeria) natalensis by Rennie, 1930, p. 249:

  • Family TURBINELLIDAE. Genus Semifusus, Swainson. Sub-genus mayeria, Bellardi.
  • Semifusus (Mayeria) natalensis, sp. nov.
  • (Pl. XXX, figs. 1, 2.)
  • Material.— Holotype, S.A. Mus., No. 5407, surface very well preserved, complete except for the aperture.
  • Description.— Shell fusiform, moderately elongated. Spire composed of about 6 sharply carinated whorls. Spire longer than the last whorl. Carina situated near the centre of the whorls, but a little to the front, dividing the whorls into an upper and a lower flattened area. Sutures well marked. Last whorl large, rounded, anteriorly produced into a long canal. Surface ornamented with numerous fine spiral ribs and with transverse lines. Carina of the whorls of the spire with tubercles at regular intervals.
  • Remarks. — This species is closely allied to the two Pondoland species described above, S. umzambiensis and S. kaffraria, but differs from them in having the carina placed near the centre of the whorls and in the ornamentation of numerous fine spiral ribs which occur on all parts of the whorls. In the two Pondoland species the spiral ribs are fewer in number, stronger, and absent or considerably reduced on the posterior side of each whorl.
  • Locality. — Umkwelane Hill, collected by A. L. du Toit.
  • Horizon. — Upper Senonian.

Semifusus (Mayeria) natalensis Rennie, 1930, pl. XXX, fig. 1, 2


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