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Species / Strombus Bivaricosus
  • Strombus bivaricosus Nomura, 1935

Original description of Strombus bivaricosus by Nomura, 1935:

  • "Shell small, fusiform. Whorls 10, apical 3 embryonal, smooth and rounded. Post-embryonal whorls bluntly shouldered at two-thirds of height of whorl, separated by submargined, impressed sutures with 2 varices on each lower 4 whorls. Sculpture consists of longitudinal plicae as well as revolving threads. Plicae numerous, about 22 on shoulder of last whorl (excluding varices) vanishing on surface below periphery; interspaces somewhat wider than plicae. Threads subequal, (often with smaller ones between), about 7 on a whorl of spire, over 40 in number on last whorl; points of intersection of plicae and threads minutely beaded, especially distinct on spire whorls. Body-whorl 2 times longer than spire; aperture narrow and fusiform. Outer lip thickened by a terminal varix, but not expanded, transversely lirate within; inner lip smooth with a rather thin callosity; canal short, substraight and truncate at base."

Locus typicus: SE. of Hakusyaton, Taiwan

Stratum typicum: Byoritu Beds, Pliocene


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