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Species / Strombus Burhinus

Strombus burhinus Olsson, 1929

Original Description of Strombus burhinus by Olsson, 1929, p. 90 (24):

  • "Shell of moderate size, biconic, with a fairly high spire and a long, narrow aperture more than one-half the length of the shell; whorls 3 (tip broken) between deep and slightly excavated sutures; spire whorls slightly, concave or contracted about the middle between two, faint revolving ridges; body whorl large, at first faintly angulated about the middle by the lower ridge, later becoming sharply shouldered by the upper ridge; on still larger specimens, the shoulder becomes even more prominent and sometimes nodose, while the lower ridge becomes simply a cord or disappears; base of last whorl straight and Cone-like; aperture narrow, linear, the outer lip in all our specimens being thin and straight, paralleled by the growth lines; inner lip slightly callused."

Locus typicus: Restin, Piura Department, Peru

Stratum typicum: Middle Eocene

Strombus burhinus Olsson, 1929; Holotype; middle Eocene; Restin, Piura Department, Peru; 55,8 mm; Coll. Paleotonlogical Research Institution no. PRI3873; Image reproduced courtesy of the Paleontological Research Institution

Comment by Olsson, 1929, p. 91 (25):

  • "The generic affinities of this species with the Strombidae is uncertain. In form, the shell resembles an immature Strombus, this appearance being further accentuated by the development of a strongly angled shoulder which becomes even nodose on old individuals. In other features the species approaches Clavilithes, but the base is not contracted, being straight and Cone-like. The outer lip is thin and straight in all our specimens and appears to be mature."

Specimens from institutional collections

Strombus cf. burhinus Olsson, 1929; Eocene; Peru; Ex-coll. BPM; Coll. Naturalis; Copyright Naturalis


  • Olsson, A.A., 1929: Contributions To the Tertiary Paleontology of Northern Peru: Part 2, Upper Eocene Mollusca and Brachiopoda, Bulletins of American Paleontology 15(57), pl. 5, fig. 5-6
  • Woodring, 1959

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