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Species / Strombus Dubius
  • Strombus dubius Swainson, 1823

Strombus dubius is a name used by several authors for different shells.

Original Description of Strombus dubius by Swainson, 1823:

  • "S. testa gracili, laevi; spira ventricosa, apice acuto; labii exterioris haud dilatati parte superiore spiram versus ascendente; lobo basali subobsoleto."
  • "Shell slender, smooth; spire ventricose, the tip acute; outer lip not dilated, the upper part ascending on the spire; basal lobe nearly obsolete."

Strombus dubius in Kiener, 1843, pl. 29, fig. 2


  • Kiener, 1843
  • Swainson, 1823: The Characters of several rare and undescribed Shells, The Philosophical Magazine and Journal, Vol. 61, No. 301, p. 375 - 378

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