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Species / Strombus Smithii
  • Strombus (Canarium) smithii, Aldrich, 1885

Original Description of Strombus (Canarium) smithii by Aldrich, 1885, p. 148:

  • "Shell, oblong-ovate, whorls six, longitudinally ribbed and crossed by numerous fine equidistant revolving lines, with alternating finer ones between each; very fine longitudinal lines between the nodes; concave above and slightly shouldered at the suture; suture distinct; apex blunt, smooth; body whorl showing a large rib on the opposite side from the aperture, probably a former lip; aperture oblong; outer lip inflected, smooth inside; inner lip showing the revolving lines on the upper part; a thin callus spreading out over the body whorl; canal moderate, open, slightly recuved. Length, 7/16 of an inch; breadth, 4/16."

Locus typicus: Red Bluff, Marion County, Mississippi, USA

Strombus smithii Aldrich, 1885, pl. 2, fig. 6

Etymology: Named in honor of Dr. Eug. A. Smith, State Geologist of Alabama.

History and Synonymy


About Strombus smithii by Aldrich, 1886, p. 32:

  • pl. 2, fig. 6"


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