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Species / Strombus Taiwanicus
  • Strombus taiwanicus Nomura, 1935

Original description of Strombus taiwanicus by Nomura, 1935:

  • "Shell resembling S. japonicus Reeve in general aspects, but smaller and relatively narrower and being less concave in the upper slope of its whorls; the angle of the shoulder more rounded and the sculpture much more distinct, and somewhat finer. The revolving ridges on the upper half of the body-whorl in this species are invariably divided into two or three equal or unequal parts, though it is a rare case in S. japonicus. S. taiwanicus is most closely related to S. swainsoni Reeve, from which our shell is distinguished by having more marked spiral grooves on the body-whorl and a much higher spire. In deep revolving grooves on the body-whorl, this new species apparently closely resembles S. deformis Gray of Australia."

Locus typicus: E. of Hakusyaton, Taiwan

Stratum typicum: Byoritu Beds, Pliocene


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