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Species / Vaderos Elongatus


Vaderos elongatus (Weaver, 1912); Holotype of Rimella canalifera ssp. elongata Weaver, 1912. 19 mm; Coll. no. LACM 5654; “Common at Loc. L (University of Washington Palaeontological Collection) one and one-half miles east of Sopenah (Little Falls) in bank of Cowlitz River, Lewis County, Washington, USA; Sec. 27, T. 11 N, R. 2 W.” (Clark & Palmer, 1923: 282, citing original description by Weaver); Photo Ron Voskuil.

Vaderos elongatus (Weaver, 1912); Protoconch; Coll. no. UCB 7127/33819; Photo Ron Voskuil

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