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Geology / Piacenzian


  • Pliocene
    • Piacenzian

During the Piacenzian the following Stromboidea lived:

  1. Lentigo fetus Jung & Heitz, 2001; Escudo de Veraguas Formation, Piacenzian-Gelasian, upper Pliocene; North coast of Escudo de Veraguas, Bocas del Toro, Panama; 64 mm; Coll. Naturhistorisches Museum Basel; Holotype no. H17854
  2. Lentigo cf. fetus Jung & Heitz, 2001; Cayo Agua Formation, Piacenzian, upper Pliocene; Punta Piedra Roja, Cayo Agua Island, Bocas del Toro, Panama; Coll. NMB no. H17855

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