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Geology / Serravallian


Landau et al., 2009, p.:

  • "Slightly younger localities of Late Badenian age (c. 13.6–12.8 Ma) are Forchtenau, Pötzleinsdorf and Grinzing in Austria and Devínska Nová Ves (Slovak Republic). For many other Badenian localities, mentioned in the Distribution chapters in the systematic part, a precise dating within the Badenian is not known.
  • The tonnoidean record in the Paratethys Sea Ends abruptly at c. 12.8 Ma, at the Badenian/Sarmatian boundary. At that time, a major local extinction wiped out 97 % of the gastropods along with corals, echinoderms and many foraminifera (see HARZHAUSER & PILLER, 2007). This Badenian–Sarmatian extinction event (BSEE) was most probably triggered by severe changes in water chemistry, bottom hypoxia and eutrophication at the water surface. Although normal marine conditions became re-established soon after, the molluscan fauna remained fully endemic and re-immigration of Mediterranean species was insignificant (HARZHAUSER & KOWALKE, 2002)."


  • Landau, B. Harzhauser, M. & Beu, A.G. 2009. A Revision of the Tonnoidea (Caenogastropoda, Gastropoda) from the Miocene Paratethys and their Palaeobiogeographic Implications; Jahrbuch der Geologischen Bundesanstalt 149(1):61-109, Fulltext
  • B.M. Landau, M. Harzhauser, Y. Islamoglu & C. Marques da Silva, 2013. Systematics and palaeobiogeography of the gastropods of the middle Miocene (Serravallian) Karaman Basin, Turkey; Cainozoic Research, 11-13, pp. 3-584.
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