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Species / Amplogladius Habibi


Original description of Tibia (Amplogladius) habibi by Abbass, 1967:

  • "Shell small to medium, fusiform, spire acute, consisting of 3 low whorls with posterior bevel at rounded edge; earlier whorls missing ; sutures supracarinal, linear, moderately deep; last whorl about shell height, conical with 2 strong spiral keels dividing whorl into 3 parts, posterior one slightly wider and outwardly inclined, 2 remaining areas inwardly inclined, tapering anteriorly; ornament and aperture not preserved."

Locus typicus: Ain Amur, Western Desert, Egypt

Stratum typicum: upper Paleocene

Dimensions: Spire angle 50, height 25 mm, whorl height 5 mm, whorl width 11 mm


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