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Species / Amplogladius Oppenheimi


Original description of Tibia (?Amplogladius) oppenheimi by Adegoke, 1977

  • ”Shell small, spire moderately high, consisting of about five convex whorls which are about twice as wide as high. Body whorl high, quadrangular in shape and inflated, constitutes about 3/5 height of shell, strongly constricted below the aperture leading to the long, narrow anterior canal. Whorls ornamented by several, closely spaced threads, separated by narrow interspaces. Suture incised to narrowly channelled. Columella long, straight, tapering to a sharp point. Aperture moderately wide, oval, leading to a very long, narrow siphonal canal. Aperture-siphonal canal complex shaped like a bird's beak. Growth lines conspicuous with double sinus. ”

Locus typicus: Ewekoro Quarry, 55 km northwest of Lagos, Nigeria

Stratum typicum: Ewekoro Formation, Paleocene

Tibia (?Amplogladius) oppenheimi Adegoke, 1977, pl. 20, figs. 24 - 30

History and Synonymy


Pacaud, Merle & Dudon, 2011, p. 13:

  • "A. oppenheimi (Adegoke, 1977) du Danien d’Ewekoro (Nigeria) est essentiellement basé sur du matériel ne comportant que des spécimens juvéniles qui ne montrent guères de caractères rapprochant cette espèce du genre Amplogladius."


  • Adegoke (1977)
  • Pacaud (J.-M.), Merle (D.) & Dudon (P.), 2011 - Redescription et nouvelle assignation générique du Rostellariidae de l’Éocène moyen Hippochrenes (Semiterebellum) rutoti Glibert, 1938 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Littorinimorpha). Cossmanniana, t. 13, p. 11-19

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