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Species / Aporrhais Arabica


Description of Aporrhais arabica Holotype (G544) by Abbass, 1977, p. 127:

  • "Shell small, fusiform; spire high, conical; whorl convex, crossed by seven to nine fine spiral cords separated by wider interspaces; later whorls gradually show median rounded keel crossed by twenty to twenty-two prosocline axial ridges inflated on carina; suture deep undulating; body whorl large, with posterior bevel followed by two prominent tuberculated keels and a third smaller and less prominent one; surface crossed by fine spiral cords; aperture not complete; outer lip shows finger-shaped extensions along the two posterior keels; anterior canal; inner lip smooth."

Locus typicus: Gebel El Ramliya, Suez, Suez Governorate, Egypt

Stratum typicum: Hommath Formation, middle Miocene

Dimension: Height 18mm, spire angle 45

Aporrhais arabica Abbass, 1977, pl. V, fig. 7

  • Holotype (G544), Helvetian, Middle Hommath Member, Ramlyia


  • Abbass, 1977, A monograph on the new Miocene gastropod species in the Cairo-Suez district, Egypt. Journal of the University of Kuwait (Science), 4 1977: 83-158.
    • Abstract: The marine Miocene Gharra Formation in three separate sections along the Cairo-Suez road is generally rich in molluscan remains. The formation, with its four constituent members-the Geneifa Chalky Limestone, the Hommath Sandy Limestone, the Sadat Reefal Limestone and the Agrud Sandstone Members (top to bottom)-has been studied for its fossil gastropod content. Ninety-seven new Miocene gastropod species have been identified, ninety-four of which belong to the subclass Prosobranchiata, two to the subclass Opisthobranchiata and one to the subclass Pulmonata. The range of each of these new species is considered and their respective ages interpreted in the light of previous micropaleontological and microstratigraphical analyses.

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