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Species / Aporrhais Etrusca


Original Description of Aporrhais etrusca by Brunetti & Forli, 2013, p. 195:

  • "Shell small to medium sized (H = 30 mm), spindle-shaped loop consisting of eight whorls. The beginning of the teleoconch is characterized, in the first two whorls, by a dense spiral sculpture consisting of ten equally-spaced spiral tracks. In subsequent whorls appear numerous nodulose ribs, sharp, sub-straight, 14 on the penultimate whorl, forming a hull with sharp nodules; always present a pre-sutural thread. The spiral sculpture is pronounced consisting of several threads separated by sub-equal interspaces, 10 on the penultimate whorl. The last whorl, which occupies half of the total height of the loop, is crossed by two nodulose hulls plus a third one, little noticeable in the rear part of the whorl. Aperture elongated. Lip expanded consisting of five digits, the second and third of which, and sometimes the fourth, fused together and thick; the first digit weakly developed, separate and divergent; basal digit very short, slightly bent forward."


  • Mauro M. Brunetti & Maurizio Forli, 2013. The genus Aporrhais Da Costa, 1778 (Gastropoda Aporrhaidae) in the italian Plio-Pleistocene; Biodiversity Journal, 2013, 4 (1): 183-208,
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