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Species / Bizarrus Abnormalis


Original description of Pugnellus abnormalis by Wade, 1926:

  • "Shell large and thick, outline asymmetric and much distorted by callus and an abnormal outer lip; spire elevated but low, its elevation less than one-third the total altitude of the shell; sculpture if present entirely obscured by callus, which covers the entire shell; external surface glazed and colored yellowish brown; suture entirely hidden by callus; body slightly inflated and abruptly constricted in front; produced into a narrow anterior canal; aperture broad and elongate; outer lip abnormal, produced backward upon the ultima and extending in front to the anterior extremity of the anterior canal, the medial portion of the outer lip extended into a thick, irregularly shaped mass of callus with a concave impression on the ventral side and terminating in a deep groove on the posterior side of the mass of callus; inner lip excavated at the base of the body; parietal wall covered with a thick deposit of callus, which extends as a very high narrow ridge to the posterior extremity of the spire, where it caps the apex with a dorsally bent false, apex; columella smooth."

Locus typicus: Dave Weeks place on Coon Creek, McNairy County, Tennessee, USA.

Stratum typicum: Ripley Formation, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

Synonymy and History

Bizarrus abnormalis (Wade, 1926) [as Pugnellus]

  • Pugnellus levis Stephenson, 1927:22, pl. 9, figs 1-5


Original Description of Pugnellus levis by Stephenson, 1927, p. 22:

  • "Shell large and roughly fusiform; spire of moderate height, body whorl large; number of whorls 5 or 6. Side of whorls of spire plump but slightly flattened, as shown by the internal cast, and the flattened band becomes more pronounced as it continues around onto the upper part of the body whorl. The spire and a considerable part of the body whorl are callused over, concealing the surface features, and a heavy rounded irregular ridge of callus extends from near the beak well down over the shell, distant about one-third the circumference of the shell in front of the aperture. The surface of the body whorl in front of this ridge of callus is smooth as far as it is preserved. The forward part of the body whorl is wanting in the type, so that the nature of the outer lip is not known. Canal deep and narrow, probably moderately long, but length not determined. Dimensions of the type : Altitude, 60+ mm. ; diameter, 42+ mm."

Pugnellus levis Stephenson, 1927, pl. 9, figs 1-5


Pugnellus (Gymnarus) abnormalis in Sohl, 1960, pl. 15, fig. 1, 6, 9, 13

  • image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey

Specimens from institutional collections

Pugnellus abnormalis (Wade, 1926); Ripley Formation, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous; Dave Weeks place on Coon Creek, McNairy County, Tennessee, USA; 33 mm; Coll. BM(NH); Copyright BM(NH)


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