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Species / Callusaria Armata


Original Description of Struthiolaria armata by Marwick, 1924:

  • " It has a high spire with very sloping shoulders and long strong spines on the shoulder-angle, 7 to 8 on the body-whorl and 6 on each of the spire-whorls. The suture is filled with a layer of callus which ascends to the tubercles above, while the inner-lip pad extends to about half-way between the tubercles and the suture, but does not quite bury the spines. The growth-lines are very strong, but there is no spiral ornamentation. "

Localities: Muddy Creek, Tutamoe Survey District, Raukumara; 1034, lowest band, Shelton's Whare traverse, Block XI, Tutamoe Survey District, New Zealand

Stratum typicum: Lillburnian, middle Miocene


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