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Species / Callusaria Arthritica


Original Description of Struthiolaria arthritica by Barthum & Powell, 1928:

  • "Shell fairly large, oval, with spire about height of aperture. Spire-whorls broadly angular, with a keel at middle. Body-whorl bi-angulate, with lower angle rather poorly developed and carrying occasional swellings which indicate obsolete earlier tubercles. About 8 or 9 strong tubercles on keel of body and antepenultimate whorls."

Locus typicus: Kaawa Creek Beds, West Coast, South of Waikato River, North Island, New Zealand

Stratum typicum: Opoitian, Pliocene

Dimensions Holotype (apex missing); Height, 56.5 mm.; breadth, 44 mm.


  • J.A. Barthum and A.W.B. Powell (1928) - Mollusca from Kaawa Creek Beds, West Coast, South of Waikato River. Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand, Volume 59, 1928, Fulltext

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