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Species / Callusaria Obesa


Original Description of Struthiolaria obesa byHutton, 1884:

  • Shell globoso-ovate, smooth or finely spirally striated. Whorls 56, convex, the suture covered. Body whorl inflated, very slightly flattened in the middle. Aperture broadly ovate; columella much bent, and with a large callus extending to the posterior end of the aperture; outer lip thick, reflexed, slightly produced in the middle.

Locus typicus: Shepherd's Hut, Middle Waipara River region, North Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand

Stratum typicum: middle-late Tongaporutuan, Tortonian, Miocene

Dimensions: Length, 1.75 inch (44,4 mm) ; breadth, 1.4 inch (35,5 mm).

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