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Species / Callusaria Otaioica


Original Description of Struthiolaria (Callusaria) otaioica by Laws, 1935

  • "Shell small, squat, spire not considerably elevated, of about three and a-half adult whorls enlarging rapidly. Closely related to S. spinosa Hector, but the spire is depressed and the suture higher up on whorls, which are appreciably broader relative to height than are those of spinosa. Further, the tubercles are more numerous and not so prominent; spinosa carries ten tubercles on body-whorl and nine on penultimate whorl, whereas the new species has fourteen and twelve respectively. Otaioica has the inner lip considerably more arcuate and the outer lip more spread out laterally behind, so that the aperture is not so narrow as that of Hector's species."

Locus typicus: Blue Cliffs, South Canterbury, Otaio River, South Island, New Zealand

Stratum typicum: Hutchinsonian, early Miocene

Struthiolaria (Callusaria) otaioica Laws, 1935; Holotype; Hutchinsonian, Miocene; Blue Cliffs, South Canterbury, Otaio River, South Island, New Zealand; Height 30 mm, width 23 mm.
Coll. Auckland Museum no. AK 70737; Copyright Auckland Museum


  • C.R. Laws (1935) New Tertiary mollusca from New Zealand no. 3

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