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Species / Calyptraphorus Aldrichi


Original Description and comments on Calyptraphorus aldrichi by Gardner, 1933, p. 268:

  • "The specimens from the lower part of the fossiliferous section on Wilbarger Creek and the Colorado River (U.S.G.S. Sta. 11696, U.S. Nat. Mus. No. 373064, Figure 3), run even larger than the holotype from Matthews Landing, Alabama (U.S. Nat. Mus. No. 373063, Figures 1 and 2), probably reaching when perfect a height of 100 millimeters. The compression of the side away from the aperture is very marked. The young are multispiral, the whorls enlarging regularly and with a fair degree of rapidity, and they are sculptured with somewhat irregular arcuate axials not far from 25 to the whorl and sharp spiral threadlets, evenly spaced. Individuals from the same locality, however, show a wide range of variation in the axial sculpture of the early whorls. This is conspicuously true of the juveniles from the Webberville bluff (U.S.G.S. Sta. 5282). An indeterminate cast from the Tehuacana member of the Kincaid formation near Bibora tank in Maverick County (U.S.G.S. Sta. 11753) is very close in dimensions and outline to the average Calyptraphorus aldrichi from Matthews Landing, Alabama. Similar casts also occur on the south bank of Elm Creek near the Schuddemagen ranch, 11 miles south of Sabinal, Uvalde County (U.S.G.S. Stas. 6279 and 11765). The same species, apparently, but more imperfectly preserved, occurs in the limestone on the D'Hanis-Yancey road 7 1/2 miles southeast of D'Hanis (U.S.G.S. Sta. 6584). The specimens from the Kincaid formation on the Brazos River are miserably preserved but they seem to indicate a shorter, stouter form than that on the Colorado. The axials run lower, too, in some individuals, not more than 12 to the whorl."

Stratum typicum: Matthews Landing beds, Midway group, Paleocene

Locus typicus: Matthews Landing, Wilcox County, Alabama, USA

Types: Holotype USNM no. 373063

Calyptraphorus aldrichi Gardner, 1933, pl. 24, fig. 1, 2, 3

  1. Apertural view of holotype U.S. Nat. Mus. no. 373063 from Matthews Landing, Alabama; height, 38,4 mm; greatest diameter, 16,0 mm.
  2. Rear view of holotype
  3. Apertural view of U.S. Nat. Mus. no. 373064, from U.S.G.S. Sta. 11696, Colorado River, Kincaid formation; height, 70,0 mm.; greatest diameter, 25,8 mm.
  • Used by permission of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.


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