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Species / Calyptraphorus Compressus

Calyptraphorus Compressus


Original Description of Rostellaria (Calyptraphorus) velata, Con., var. compressa by Aldrich, 1894, p. 244:

  • "This form is intermediate between R. trinodifera, Con., and R. velata, Con. The adult has the enamel on the front part as in R. trinodifera, but on the opposite side the line of demarkation of the enamel comes down only to the whorl. The specimens are also much smaller than the normal adult. A similar form that cannot be separated from this variety is common in the Matthews's Landing group but is nearly twice as large, more rotund than those figured. The figures given are somewhat larger than the types."

Rostellaria (Calyptraphorus) velata, Con., var. compressa Aldrich, 1894, pl. XII, fig. 2, 2a, 2b

History and Synonymy


Anchura White, U. S. Geol. Survey, Bull. 4, p. 17.


Rostellaria velata Conrad, Aldrich, Geol. Survey Alabama, Bull. 1, p. 59 (name only).


Calyptraphorus velatus (Conrad), Harris, Geol. Survey Arkansas, Ann. Rept. for 1892, vol. 2, p. 46.

Rostellaria (Calyptraphorus) velata Conrad var. compressa Aldrich, in Rept. Geol. Coastal Plain Alabama, Geol. Survey Alabama, p. 244, pi. 12, figs. 2, 2a-b.


Calyptraphorus velatus var. compressa Aldrich, Harris, Bull. Am. Paleontology, vol. 1, No. 4, p. 104, pl. 10, figs. 7, 7a-b, 8 (in part).


Calyptraphorus velatus Conrad var. compressus Aldrich, Maury, Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia, Jour., 2d ser., vol. 15, p. 88, pi. 12, figs. 8-10

Calyptraphorus velatus var. compressus in Maury, 1912, pl. XII, fig. 8, 9, 10


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