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Species / Calyptraphorus Stamineus

Calyptraphorus Stamineus


Original description of Rostellaria staminea by Conrad, 1855, p. 260:

  • "Fusiform, spire elongated, subulate above; whorls fifteen; body whorl slightly concave with fine closely-arranged revolving lines, and obsolete longitudinal undulations; three upper whorls with curved longitudinal acute ribs; the remainder covered with a polished calcareous deposit, and excavated at the suture; body whorl angular on a line with the upper margin of the aperture; labrum thin; beak slightly curved."

Comment Conrad, 1855, p. 260

  • "This species occurs in Claiborne in great abundance"

Locus typicus: Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Stratum typicum: Eocene

Types: Conrad, 1855 cited Conrad in Wailes, 1854, "R. staminea pl. XVI, fig. 9"

Rostellaria (young) Conrad in Wailes, 1854, pl. XVI, fig. 9

  • Comment Wieneke: The caption of plate XVI, fig. 9 says "Morio Petersoni (Galeodia, of Link)", which is the correct caption for fig. 9 of plate XVII, whereas the caption of plate XVII, fig. 9: "Rostellaria (young)" is the correct one for plate XVI."

Calyptraphorus stamineus (Conrad, 1855); late Eocene; Louisiana, USA; t: 43 mm, bl: 44 mm, br: 36 mm; Coll. Aart Dekkers no. STR9154

Calyptraphorus sp.; Moodys Branch Formation, late Eocene; Jackson City, Mississippi, USA; t: 42 mm, b: 37 mm; Coll BM(NH)


  • Conrad, 1855. Observations on the Eocene deposit of Jackson, Mississippi, with descriptions of thirty-four new species of shells and corals; Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; p. 257-264; Fulltext
  • Conrad in Wailes, 1854. Report on the Agriculture and Geology of Mississppi. p. 289; Fulltext

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