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Species / Calyptraphorus Stamineus


Original description of Rostellaria staminea by Conrad, 1855, p. 260:

  • "Fusiform, spire elongated, subulate above; whorls fifteen; body whorl slightly concave with fine closely-arranged revolving lines, and obsolete longitudinal undulations; three upper whorls with curved longitudinal acute ribs; the remainder covered with a polished calcareous deposit, and excavated at the suture; body whorl angular on a line with the upper margin of the aperture; labrum thin; beak slightly curved."

Comment Conrad, 1855, p. 260

  • "This species occurs in Claiborne in great abundance"

Locus typicus: Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Stratum typicum: Eocene

Types: Conrad, 1855 cited Conrad in Wailes, 1854, "R. staminea pl. XVI, fig. 9"

Rostellaria (young) Conrad in Wailes, 1854, pl. XVI, fig. 9

  • Comment Wieneke: The caption of plate XVI, fig. 9 says "Morio Petersoni (Galeodia, of Link)", which is the correct caption for fig. 9 of plate XVII, whereas the caption of plate XVII, fig. 9: "Rostellaria (young)" is the correct one for plate XVI."

Specimens from institutional collections

Calyptraphorus sp.; Moodys Branch Formation, late Eocene; Jackson City, Mississippi, USA; t: 42 mm, b: 37 mm; Coll BM(NH)

Specimens from private collections

Calyptraphorus cf. stamineus (Conrad, 1856); Moodys Branch Formation, Lower Upper Eocene (Bartonian); Rattlesnake Bluff on the Alabama River, Monroe County, Alabama USA; 39 mm; 2007; Coll. Michael Reagin MR 8147-976

  • Note Michael Reagin: "Identified as C. cf. stamineus only as the deposit is identified as Moodys Branch. There has been speculation that the Periarchus lyelli Bed in the Moodys Branch might be Gosport instead although the matrix is more in line with Moodys Branch."

Calyptraphorus stamineus (Conrad, 1855); late Eocene; Louisiana, USA; t: 43 mm, bl: 44 mm, br: 36 mm; Coll. Aart Dekkers no. STR9154


  • Conrad, 1855. Observations on the Eocene deposit of Jackson, Mississippi, with descriptions of thirty-four new species of shells and corals; Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; p. 257-264; Fulltext
  • Conrad in Wailes, 1854. Report on the Agriculture and Geology of Mississppi. p. 289; Fulltext

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