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Species / Conchothyra Marshalli


Original description of Pugnellus marshalli by Trechman, 1917:

  • "The shell consists of six whorls, the last one large and inflated. Above the middle of each whorl there is a row of blunt nodes, and below these on the last whorl a row of smaller and less prominent nodes which in some specimens coalesce into a raised ridge. The sutures are shallow. The outer layer of the shell bears very fine concentric raised lines. The lip is not developed to the exaggerated extent it is in some forms of Pugnellus. The outer lip is extended and swollen, and ends in a rounded claw-like protuberance which is very easily broken off. Anteriorly there is a channel, but the shell is not drawn out. Posteriorly there is a wide semicircular channel formed by the swollen lip of the shell. The callosity of the inner lip reaches in most specimens to the top of the third whorl from the mouth, and in one or two examples it extends above this nearly to the apex. It is a shell of moderate size, the height being about 26 mm."

Locus typicus: Selwyn Rapids, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand

Stratum typicum: Senonian, Upper Cretaceous

Pugnellus marshalli in Trechman, 1917, pl. XIX, fig. 1-4

Pugnellus marshalli (Trechman, 1917); Senonian, Upper Cretaceous; Selwyn Rapids, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand; Coll. BM(NH), No. G.27417, G.27418, G.27419; Copyright BM(NH)


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