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Species / Cultrigera Walkeri


Original Description of Tridactylus walkeri by Gardner, 1880, p. 50:

  • "Shell elongate and pupaeform; whorls a strong central keel, a second and less prominent keel in front, and two partly concealed sutural keels. The body-whorl has two nearly equal keels (slightly diverging towards the outer lip, the front one being the less prominent), and three smaller keels, which are arranged above, below, and between, the primary keels. All the keels seem to have been tuberculated, and the spire was probably ribbed, as in T. Griffithsii, which it generally resembles. Length of fragment 22 mm., diameter of body-whorl 12 mm."

Tridactylus walkeri Gardner, 1880, pl. 3, fig. 4

Aporrhais (Tridactylus) walkeri (Gardner, 1880); Neocomian, lower Cretaceous; Upware, Wicken village, Cambridgeshire County, East Region, England; In Keeping, 1883, pl. 3, fig. 3

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