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Species / Cuphosolenus Nuecensis


Original Description of Aporrhais nuecensis by Stanton, 1947, p. 105:

  • "Shell rather large, robust, consisting of 7 or 8 whorls; apical angle about 25; suture inconspicuous; whorls of the spire more or less angular in the middle with a slightly concave slope to the suture above and below, and bearing on the angle rather coarse vertically elongated tubercles, or short costae, of which there are about 10 or 12 on each whorl; surface also apparently marked by fine spiral striae not clearly preserved on the types; last whorl with a strong bifurcated carina on the back, sending a branch to each of the two larger digitations of the outer lip, and with a second ridge carina not so well marked nor so constant, and diverging from the principal carina; tubercles and costae apparently obsolete on the last whorl and finer sculpture not preserved; posterior canal extending up the spire to the antepenultimate whorl; anterior canal comparatively short and narrow, slightly curved; outer lip broad, palmately spreading with 3 large, rather broad digitations, of which the upper one is the longest and forms an angle of about 30 with the spire, the middle one forming an angle of about 70, and the shortest one below directed slightly downward and a little nearer to the beak than to the middle digitation; callus on the columella apparently heavy."


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