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Species / Cyclomolops Adekunbiana


Original description of Rimella adekunbiana by Adegoke, 1977:

  • "Shell medium-sized, thin-walled, biconic. Spire high, consisting of about eight or nine gently convex, uniformly tapering whorls which are about twice as wide as high. Protoconch small and rounded. Body whorl high, cylindrical, constituting about three-fifth height of shell, slightly angulated near the adapical margin. Aperture narrow, elongate oval. Columella stout, conical, not completely preserved, with heavy callus covering the parietal area. Posterior canal narrow, describing a strongly sinuous pattern on the upper body whorl and penultimate whorl. Thin callus deposit lines the floor of the posterior canal. Exterior of the shell smooth with a glossy finish, marked only by faint growth striae."

Locus typicus: Ewekoro Quarry, 55 km northwest of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

Stratum typicum: Ewekoro Formation, Paleocene

Rimella adekunbiana Adegoke, 1977, pl. 20, figs. 21-23

Synonymy and History


Squires, 2013, p. 831:

  • "Although Adegoke (1977) described Rimella ewekoroensis Adegoke (1977, p. 130, 131, pl. 20, figs. 1420) and Rimella adekunbiana Adegoke (1977, p. 131, 132, pl., 20, figs. 2123) from Paleocene strata in Nigeria, these two species are not Rimella. The former, which has a prominent callosity on its dorsal-shell surface, probably should be placed in Calyptraphorus Conrad, 1857. The latter, which is nearly smooth on its dorsalshell surface, except for a sinuous posterior canal, probably should be placed in Cyclomolops Gabb, 1868."


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