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Species / Digitolabrum Abedi


Original description of Digitolabrum abedi by Abbass, 1967:

  • "Shell medium, fusiform; spire gradatedly turriculate consisting of 3 convex whorls with median carina; earlier whorls missing; sutures furrowed, linear; ornament on either side of carina shows 3 spiral cords separated by narrower interspaces; spirals crossed by 40-50 axial threads less than half width of spirals and separated by interspaces 3-4 times wider than their own width; spirals and axials produce reticulate pattern tubercles at intersections; body whorl constitutes about ½ shell height; carina lies at posterior quarter line; shell contracts anteriorly into conical beak with concave sides; 3 primary spirals found above carina with secondary spirals in their interspaces; anterior ¾th of beak occupied by 9-10 primary spiral cords separated by narrower interspaces each interspace shows 1 fine secondary spiral cord; anterior most ¼th of beak crossed by 15-20 narrowly spaced secondary spirals with fine tubercles; aperture oval, angular posteriorly, inflated medially and narrowly elongated anteriorly as anterior canal; outer lip slightly expanded and extending over penultimate whorl"

Stratum typicum: Bartonian, middle Eocene

Locus typicus: Ras El-Ghorab, Egypt

Dimensions: Spire angle 50°, height 40 mm, width 22 mm, whorl height 7 mm, whorl width 16 mm

Digitolabrum cf. abedi Abbas, 1967; Bartonian, middle Eocene; Egypt; Coll. Virgilio Liverani


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