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Species / Dilatilabrum Tihensis


Locus typicus: Gebel Tih, Sinai, Egypt

Stratum typicum: Cenomanian, upper Cretaceous

Comment of Wagih Saad Ayoub Hannaa, 2011, p. 173:

  • "ABBASS (1962) erected the new species Strombus (Dilatilabrum) tihensis from the Cenomanian of Gebel Tih, Sinai, differing from S. incertus in having shouldered whorls with a less expanded outer lip. However, his figures (pl. 8, figs. 7-8) are identical to S. incertus as figured by ABDEL-GAWAD & ZALAT (1992), KASSAB & ISMAEL (1994), and ABDEL-GAWAD et al. (2004b). Therefore, S. (D.) tihensis ABBASS is considered herein as a junior synonym of P. incerta."


  • Abbass, 1963
  • Wagih Saad Ayoub Hannaa, 2011. Taxonomy and palaeoecology of the Cenomanian-Turonian macro-invertebrates from eastern Sinai, Egypt, Dissertation Bayerische Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, pp. 1-411, Fulltext

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