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Species / Doxander Vittatus X Campbellii


Doxander campbellii x vittatus; Dingo Beach, Queensland, Australia; ex Coll. Man in't Veld LM 1288, Coll. Christian Boernke, see also Man in't Veld, L. & G.J. Visser, 1993, pl. 3, figs 6, 6a

Man in't Veld, L. & G.J. Visser, 1993, p. 30:

  • "Remarks.- S. campbelli was seen by many as a valid species, for reasons that would apply very well to S. japonicus, which has been generally accepted as a subspecies: constant shell characteristics and isolation from other populations. The common occurence of S. v. vittatus near Keppel Bay and Townsville, eastern Queensland (Kronenberg & berkhout [sic], 1986b: 364), would dismiss the latter argument, except that the absence of transitional forms in the populations of S. campbelli and S. v. vittatus indicates that these species live sympatrically here. We have a single sample of S. v. vittatus (LM 1288, see Pl. 3, figs 6, 6a from Dingo Beach, Queensland, which could represent a hybrid between both species."


  • Man in't Veld, L. & G.J. Visser, 1993. A revision of the subgenus Doxander Iredale, 1931, including a nomen novum for S. turritus and the description of a new subspecies from the Philippines. Vita Marina 42(1): 11-32.

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