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Species / Fusus Dubius
  • Fusus dubius Briart & Cornet, 1868

might be an Anchura, see Kiel & Bandel, 2004


Taylor et al., 1983, p. 527:

  • "Four of the Blackdown species can be confidently assigned to the family Fasciolariidae as currently recognized but which we consider to be paraphyletic. ... Finally, a fragment of 'Fusus' dubius shows the tall turreted spire typical of the Fusininae."


Kiel & Bandel, 2004, p. 121:

  • "The slender fusiform shell has convex whorls which are sculptured by six beaded spiral cords and fine, granulated spiral lines in between. The aperture is narrow and ends anteriorly in a long siphonal canal. The figured shell is 44 mm high and 19 mm wide."
  • "Discussion: The identity and taxonomic position of this poorly preserved specimen are unclear. BRIART & CORNET (1868) assigned a very similar species to Fusus, probably due to its fusiform shell, but MARLIÈRE (1939) had some doubt about this treatment. No Late Cretaceous neogastropod with such distinct spiral cords on the spire as present in the figured specimen is known to us. Similar spirals can sometimes be found on members of Anchura (ELDER & SAUL 1996; KIEL & BANDEL 2002a). STEPHENSON (1952: 179, pl. 40 fig. 13) figured a specimen with similar spirals from the Woodbine Cenomanian of Texas, which he tentatively assigned to Anchura. Another similar species from the Albian/Cenomanian of Texas is Falsifusus? blancensis STANTON, 1947 (STANTON 1947: 108, pl. 55 figs. 27, 29; AKERS & AKERS 1997: 204, fig. 209)."


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