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Species / Goniocheila Wilsoni


Original Description of Goniocheila wilsoni by Saul & Petit, 2001:

  • "Shell medium sized, fusiform with expanded outer lip, spire slightly less than half of shell height. Protoconch of three polished, globular whorls. Earliest sculpture on teleoconch of spiral ridges for about one half whorl, then fine, concavely arcuate axial ribs added. Ribs faint and moderately crowded, quickly becoming stronger, enlarged at shoulder, andreduced to half as many on second teleoconch whorl; following whorls with about 14 axial ribs per whorl. Whorlprofile of first two post protoconch whorls convex, axials on next four spire whorls weak near posterior suture and strongest at periphery, weakening toward anterior suture. Strength of axials at periphery producing concave whorl profile near posterior suture, subangulate at periphery, and convex between shoulder and anterior suture. Shoulder closer to posterior suture on earlier whorls becoming just below mid whorl on penultimate whorl. Ribs abruptly shorter on last whorl becoming nodes on peripheral cord. Cord extending to end of tip of wing. Two anterior cords present on body whorl. Spiral cordlets overall; on body whorl cordlets cordlets intermediate to anterior cords strengthen; three cordlets on whorl base nearly as strong as intermediate cordlets. Outer lip expanded into broad, somewhat crescentic wing with broadened distal edge posteriorly pointed by labral digitation, concave posterior edge, and curving posterior digitation adnate to two cords but pointed away from spire at its tip. Two strong calluses developed, one at anterior end distal wing edge, other opposite on base of body whorl. Aperture elongate, sinused anteriorly and posteriorly with nearly parallel lips, angled about 25 to axis. Rostrum short, nearly straight, narrow with closely adjacent deep anterior sinus."

Locus typicus: Silverdale, Onslow County, North Carolina, USA

Stratum typicum: Haywood Landing Member, Belgrade Formation, Chattian, Oligocene

Etymology: named after Druid Wilson, stratigrapher and paleontologist US Geological Survey

Goniocheila wilsoni Saul & Petit, 2001; Holotype; Haywood Landing Member, Belgrade Formation, Oligocene; Silverdale, Onslow County, North Carolina, USA; USNM PAL 508381; Coll. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Specimens from private collections

Goniocheila aff. wilsoni Saul & Petit, 2001; Castle Hayne formation, Lutetian, Eocene; Martin Marietta Belgrade quarry, Maysville, Jones County, North Carolina, USA; 22,5 mm; Coll. Philippe Simonet


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