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Species / Hippochrenes Kussi


Original description of Hippocrenes kussi by Kiel & Bandel, 2002:

  • " The high spired shell with straight whorls has an ornament of axial ribs that fade away on the lower part of the body whorl. The body whorl is a little higher than the spire. The wing-like outer lip is attached to the entire spire and forms a half circle covering the last two whorls. One specimen shows varices. The holotype is 43 mm high, 23 mm wide, and has an apical angle of about 25."

Locus typicus: Ammonite Hills, Western Sand Sea, Egypt

Stratum typicum: Dakhla Formation, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous

Types: Holotype: Coll. TU Berlin no. G 112; Paratype: Coll. TU Berlin no. G 115

Etymology: Named after Jochen Kuss (University of Bremen)

Hippochrenes kussi Kiel & Bandel, 2002; Holotype; Dakhla Formation, Maastrichtian, upper Cretaceous; Ammonite Hills, Western Sand Sea, Egypt; Photo Jean-Michel Pacaud

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