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Species / Laevistrombus Guidoi


Original Description of Strombus (Laevistrombus) guidoi by Man in't Veld & de Turck, 1998, p. 103:

  • "Shell shape: A smooth, solid shell, heavy in comparison to its size, with up to nine whorls. A slender, relatively low to high spire. The first whorls with a radial structure. Aperture wide posteriorly, narrower anteriorly. Outer lip pointed posteriorly and much thickened. Columella much thickened from its centre to its anterior; with a thin glaze on its posterior, which covers the ventral part of the body whorl. A coloured line marks the outline of this glazed area. The columella is thickened at its extreme posterior end, forming a lip that protrudes above the suture. From this lip, the margin curves concavely upward and bends back in some specimens, into the direction of the spire. Also due to the thickened outer lip, a narrow and deep posterior canal arises. The siphonal canal is fairly long, the stromboid notch weak. Sculpture: The first seven whorls with a radial structure, subsequently becoming smoother. In a few specimens with some narrow varices on the whorl. With up to 18 radial lines on the anterior portion of the body whorl. Columella and aperture smooth. Colour: Solid white, in some specimens with a pattern of obscure yellow lines. All adult specimens, without exception with a golden-yellow, metal like gloss on the columella as well as the outer lip. The inside of columella and aperture is white. Periostracum: Unknown but probably light brown judging from faint traces.

Specimens from private collections

Laevistrombus canarium guidoi (Man in't Veld & De Turck, 1998); Vanuatu Archipelago (formerly New Hebrides), South Pacific Ocean; coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 5983

Laevistrombus canarium guidoi (Man in't Veld & De Turck, 1998); Efate Island, Vanuatu Archipelago (formerly New Hebrides), South Pacific Ocean; bought on native market; 8/1999; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 5984

Laevistrombus canarium cf. guidoi (Man in't Veld & De Turck, 1998); Indonesia; Coll. Ricardo Vilar


  • Man in't Veld L.A. & De Turck K. (1998). Contributions to the knowledge of Strombacea 6: A revision of the subgenus Laevistrombus Kira, 1955 including the description of a new species from the New Hebrides. Gloria Maris. 36: 73-107.
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