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Species / Lambis Indomaris

Lambis Indomaris


Original description of Lambis scorpius subspecies indomaris by Abbott, 1961:

  • "The differences exibited in the shells of this Indian Ocean race are slight, but constant, and warrant, we believe, subspecific recognition. In scorpius indomaris, the lobe on the left side of the first digitation is either very much reduced or bent back around the apex of the shell. Digitations 4,5 and 6 are considerably more stunted, their basal portion being not as long as the curved, distal portions. The dorsal sides of the terminal halves of the digitations and the siphonal canal are usually, although not always, more darkly pigmented with purple-brown. There appears to be no or little difference in the apertural sculpture or coloring. Operculum with about 10 serrations and the radula indistinguishable from that of scorpius scorpius. This subspecies was named sinuatus Perry, 1811 (non Solander, 1786) which is a homonym. I propose the new name, indomaris."

Locus typicus: Nosy Be (Nossi-bé) Island, Diana Region, northwest coast of Madagascar

Types: ANSP no. 242210 (holotype)

History and Synonymy

Lambis indomaris Abbott, 1961: 165 (Lambis (Millepes) scorpius indomaris)

  • Syn.: Strombus sinuatus Perry, 1811: pl. 13 fig. 3 [non Strombus sinuatus [Lightfoot], 1786.]
  • Syn.: Pterocera pseudo-scorpio Lam. Schubert & Wagner, 1829: 16, pl. 218 figs 3040-3041


Strombus sinuatus Perry, 1811, pl. 13, fig.3

Comment Petit, 2003:

  • "Abbott (1961: 165–166) proposed this as a replacement name because of the prior Strombus sinuatus [Lightfoot, 1786]. As L. s. indomaris is a replacement name, Perry’s figured specimen must remain the holotype. Abbott’s statement about lectotypes and paratypes is incorrect. Perry gave no indication that additional specimens were included."


Pterocera pseudo-scorpio Lam. Schbert & Wagner, 1829, pl. 218, fig. 3040, 3041

  • Comment: Schubert & Wagner, 1829:16 are refering to Lamarcks Pterocera pseudo-scorpio, which is Lambis robusta. Their drawing shows Lambis indomaris

Specimens from private collections

Lambis indomaris Abbott, 1961; Madagascar Island; trawled by local shrimpers at 20 m depth on sandy bottom; 137 mm; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

Lambis indomaris Abbott, 1961; Sri Lanka Island (formerly Ceylon); 121 mm; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

Lambis indomaris Abbott, 1961; Maledives Islands; 144 mm; Ex-coll. B. Lorenzen; Coll. Roland Hoffmann

Lambis indomaris Abbott, 1961; Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania, East Africa, Indian Ocean; 126 mm; Coll. Francesco Giovanoli

Lambis indomaris Abbott, 1961; subadult; Indian Ocean; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

Lambis indomaris Abbott, 1961; freak; Koh Lanta Island, Thailand, Andaman Sea; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

Lambis indomaris Abbott, 1961; freak; Yao Island, Thailand, Andaman Sea; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke


Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

  • Dar es salaam, Tanzania; coral reef by diver at 4 m depth; 121,5 mm; 1/2001


  • Abbott, 1961
  • Perry, G., 1811. Conchology or the Natural History of Shells: containing a new arrangement of the genera and species, illustrated by coloured engravings executed from the natural specimens, and including the latest discoveries. London: W. Miller. [4] + 61 pls, + [1] p.
  • RICHARD E. PETIT, 2003. George Perry’s molluscan taxa and notes on the editions of his Conchology of 1811, Zootaxa 377. 1-72
  • Schubert, G.H. & Wagner, J.A., 1829. Neues systematische Conchylien – Cabinet angefangen von Martini und Chemnitz 12: xii + 1-196, pls. 214-237.

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