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Ladd, 1972, p. 63 mentioned Lambis (Lambis) cf. L. lambis Linnaeus:

  • "A single incomplete specimen of Lambis was recovered from an outcrop of the tuffaceous Futuna Limestone close to sea level on the west coast of Lakembe (station L-493) in eastern Fiji. The limestones that contained the shell clearly are lower Miocene (Tertiary f), as indicated by associated mollusks and larger Foraminifera. The part of the Lambis shell that is preserved closely resembles the shells of living specimens collected from the reefs of Fiji, but all essential features are not present and hence the specific identity is questioned. The fossil however is definitely a Lambis and is the oldest occurrence of the genus thus far discovered. Measurements of the incomplete shell, USNM no. 648478: length 92.1 mm, diameter 37.8 mm."

Lambis (Lambis) cf. L. lambis; Ladd, 1972, pl. 20, fig. 5, 6

  • image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey


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