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Species / Lispodesthes Obscurata


Original Description of Lispodesthes ? obscurata by White, 1883, p. 30:

  • "Shell subfusiform; spire rather short, tapering with nearly straight sides to the apex; volutions six or seven, convex; last or body volution rather large, without a revolving angle; suture impressed; outer lip or wing comparatively small, as indicated by all the known specimens, its outer border bearing a slender, tongue-like projection, which extends outward and forward from the anterior portion of the wing margin. The posterior portion of the wing is not accurately known, as all the specimens are more or loss imperfect in that respect, but it seems not to have been prolonged backward in the form of a pointed projection, as it is in Anchura and the typical forms of Lispodesthes. That portion of the wing apparently formed a broad, short, blunt projection, which was broadly concave beneath, posteriorly; but there is in our examples no appearance of a true posterior canal such as characterizes the typical forms of Lispodesthes. Anterior canal comparatively broad and long; beak moderately broad, rounded at the anterior end, but with a shorter curve at the left side than at the right. Shell (the callus being removed) thin and delicate, its whole surface marked by very fine lines of growth, and also by very fine crowded raised revolving lines, which are a little more conspicuous than the former, but they all need a lens to render them distinctly visible. There is also a narrow, square shouldering of the distal border of the volutions of the spire at the suture. Length, from the apex to the end of the anterior canal, 37 millimeters; breadth, across the body volution and wing, 18 milimeters."

Locus typicus: "Dodson's Ranch, near Pueblo, Colorado", USA

Stratum typicum: "Fox Hills Group", Maastrichtian, Cretaceous

Lispodesthes? obscurata White, 1883, pl. 11, fig. 7 a, b


  • D.C. Paris, S.Y. Shelton and J.E. Martin (2007) - Introduction to the geology and paleontology of the Late Cretaceous marine deposits of the Dakotas. The Geological Society of America, Special Paper 427.
  • White, 1883

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