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Species / Lobatus Hertweckorum


Strombus (Eustrombus) hertweckorum Petuch 1991; Holotype; Coll. Carnegie Museum of Natural History no. CM 35627; Carnegie Museum of Natural History

Specimens from institutional collections

Lobatus hertweckorum (Petuch, 1991); Tamiami Formation, upper Pliocene; Apac Quarry, Sarasota County, Florida, USA; Coll. Stichting Schepsel Schelp no. SSS30045

Specimens from private collections

Lobatus cf. hertweckorum (Petuch, 1991); lower Caloosahatchee Formation, lower Pleistocene; Sarasota, Sarasota County, Florida, USA; 155 mm; Coll. Aart Dekkers no. STR9085

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