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Species / Lobatus Pascaleae

Lobatus Pascaleae


Original diagnosis: A small Lobatus species with a spire of medium height, sculpture of well developed knobs at the shoulder, spiral sculpture on spire whorls and the last whorl, an elongated last whorl, a narrow aperture, a narrowed and posteriorly flared outer lip extending just beyond the adapical suture of the penultimate whorl, a well-developed stromboid notch, and very strong lirations within the outer lip and columella.

Original description of Lobatus pascaleae by Landau, Kronenberg & Silva, 2010:

  • "Teleoconch with 6 whorls preserved, medium-sized, solid, with conical spire of medium height, somewhat scalate; last whorl elongate, relatively narrow. Protoconch missing; early teleoconch sculpture abraded. Spire whorls with broad, slightly concave subsutural ramp, periphery at shoulder, surface between shoulder and abapical suture flat to slightly concave. Suture impressed, linear. Fourth teleoconch whorl with axial sculpture of 14 ribs, developed clearly only at shoulder, where ribs form one row of strong, rounded, blunt knobs. Spiral sculpture of rather narrow, regular cords overriding shoulder knobs. Last whorl elongate, with narrow, concave sutural ramp formed by one row of rounded to pointed knobs, weakly convex below knobs, with second, subobsolete row of knobs at mid-whorl; base slightly constricted. Spiral sculpture of relatively narrow cords, worn over mid-whorl on holotype, well preserved on paratype. Aperture elongate, narrow; outer lip thickened, with well-developed stromboid notch; strongly and deeply lirate within. Lip greatly but narrowly alate adapically, flared area extending almost to mid-spire, suture ascending with lip flare. Siphonal canal open, relatively short, somewhat recurved. Columellar callus well delimited, somewhat thickened, weakly expanded. Anterior and parietal portions of columella strongly lirate."

Locus typicus: just above mouth of Angostura Gorge, Rio Yaque del Norte, Hispaniola Island, Dominican Republic

Stratum typicum: unnamed unit of same age as Cercado Formation, late Miocene

Holotype: NHMW 2009z0094/0001, height 42.5 mm.

Etymology: Named for Pascale Paques, friend of B. Landau


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