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Species / Lobatus Peruvianus


Original Description of Strombus peruvianus by Swainson, 1823:

  • "S. testa nodosa, ponderosa; spira depressa, apice prominulo; labii exterioris supra producti, attenuati, margine reflexo; apertura striata."
  • "Shell nodulous, heavy; spire depressed, the tip prominent; outer lip above produced and attenuated, the margin reflected; aperture striated."

Locus typicus: Peru

Stratum typicum: Recent

History and Synonymy

Lobatus peruvianus (Swainson, 1823: 377) (Strombus)


Strombe Péruvien (Strombus peruvianus Swains.) by Kiener, 1843

Strombus peruvianus in Kiener, 1843, pl. 34, fig. 1


Strombus peruvianus in Küster, 1845, pl. 5a, fig. 1

  • Comment: seems to be a copy of Kiener, 1843


Strombus peruvianus in Reeve, 1850, Strombus, pl. 5, fig. 6


Kronenberg & Kamphuis, 1997, p.14:

  • "In May 1996, the junior author visited Baja California Sur and collected a fully mature specimen of S. peruvianus (Figure 1) at Posada de Concepción, Bahia Concepcion (south of Mulegé)."

Specimens from institutional collections

Lobatus cf. peruvianus (Swainson, 1823); Pleistocene; S of Quebrada Corot, 3.3 km N of Puerto Limones, W coast, Burica Peninsula, Panama; Coll. NMB loc. no. 18306; Photo Virgilio Liverani

Specimens from private collections

Lobatus peruvianus (Swainson, 1823); Tumbes, Peru; 193 mm; Coll. Eduardo Palacios

Lobatus peruvianus (Swainson, 1823); Tumbes, Peru; 187 mm; Coll. Eduardo Palacios

Lobatus peruvianus (Swainson, 1823); Santa Clara Island (Isla del Muerto), Gulf of Guayaquil, Guayas Province, Ecuador, at the border to Peru; 10-20 m, by diver; 227 mm; Coll. Christian Börnke

Lobatus peruvianus (Swainson, 1823); Pedro Gonzales Island, Pearl Archipelago, West coast of Panama; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 7

Lobatus peruvianus (Swainson, 1823); Panama; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 702

Strombus (Tricornis) peruvianis (Swainson, 1823); Medidora Island, West Panama; dredged at 120 ft.; 1989; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 1944

Lobatus peruvianus (Swainson, 1823); Baja California Peninsula, Mexico; trawled at 10-15 m; Coll. Gijs Kronenberg no. 6341

Lobatus peruvianus (Swainson, 1823); juvenile; Mazatlan, Sinaloa State, Mexico; 7/1988; Coll. David Berschauer


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