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Species / Macrostrombus Brachior


Original Description of Strombus (Macrostrombus) leidyi brachior by Petuch, 1994, p. 259:

  • "Shell of average size for subgenus, widely inflated, dorsoventrally flattened; spire low, broadly conical; shoulder very rounded, almost nonexistent, with only few low, undulating plicae on dorsum; body whorl below shoulder ornamented with 1520 very broad, low, flattened ribs; small secondary ribs present between some primary ribs; body whorl above shoulder and spire whorls ornamented with numerous spiral threads; numerous axial threads intersect spiral threads, producing cancellate appearance; 3-6 larger spiral threads border area anterior to suture, producing subsutural band; earliest whorls with faint undulations; stromboid notch wide, very shallow."

Locus typicus: Griffin Pit Fauna, from Griffin Brothers Pit, Holey Land area, southwestern Palm Beach County, Florida, USA.

Stratum typicum: lower Beds, Caloosahatchee Formation, lower Pleistocene

Strombus (Macrostrombus) leidyi brachior Petuch, 1994; Holotype; Florida Museum of Natural History UF Catalog Number: 66202

Specimens from institutional collections

Lobatus brachior (Petuch, 1994); Tamiami Formation, Pliocene; Davis Excavating, Arcadia, DeSoto County, Florida, USA; 1995; Coll. Stichting Schepsel Schelp no. HES 24289

Specimens from private collections

Macrostrombus brachior (Petuch, 1994); Pleistocene; Punta Gorda area, Charlotte County, Florida, USA; Coll. Ralf Buchsot

Macrostrombus brachior (Petuch, 1994); Plio/Pleistocene; Florida; 168 mm; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

Lobatus leidyi brachior (Petuch, 1994); Caloosahatchee Formation, lower Pleistocene; Florida, USA; 152 mm; Coll. Aart Dekkers no. STR9073

Macrostrombus brachior (Petuch, 1994); Caloosahatchee Formation, lower Pleistocene; DeSoto Shell Pit, Arcadia, DeSoto County, Florida, USA; 157 mm; Coll. Ulrich Wieneke

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