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Species / Mahajangina


  • Mahajangina Kiel, 2006

Original Diagnosis of Mahajangina by Kiel, 2006, p. 406:

  • "Larval shell (when present) conical, bicarinate, with tuberculate microsculpture; teleoconch conical-trochiform, whorls angular, with spines at periphery."

Type species: Mahajangina weitschati Kiel, 2006, by monotypy

Locus typicus: Mahajanga Basin, Boeny Region, Northwestern Madagascar

Stratum typicum: Albian, lower Cretaceous


  • Mahajangina weitschati Kiel, 2006

Comment: this genus might belong to the family Xenophoridae


  • Steffen Kiel, 2006. New and Little-Known Gastropods from the Albian of the Mahajanga Basin, Northwestern Madagascar; Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 80, no. 3 (May, 2006), pp. 455-476.

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